A well-stocked aid station with knowledgeable workers who seem to know what you need without really being asked… Well-organized races with great course markings, good maps and clear explanations of the rules and an easy to navigate registration process… All of these things happen due to a dedicated group of people who are willing to give up a few hours of their time. The race directors make the races happen but they cannot do it without a team of volunteers.

Minnesota Voyageur Trail Ultra and the Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon are in need of volunteers. Time commitments vary and some of the work can be appropriate for all ages; this is a great way to introduce friends and family to the world of trail running. And most importantly volunteering is FUN and an important way to give back to the trail running community.

High-Priority Needs

Aid Station Volunteers

  • This is far and away our biggest need every year! Fortunately, it’s also one of the most fun things to do on race day. Assemble a group of friends to volunteer for the day, or just bring yourself and make some great new friends – all while providing the most essential contribution to race day success for our runners!
  • A couple of aid stations may require monitoring / assistance with road crossings. This is generally handled in shifts. We only have a couple of crossings, but their busy nature makes this aspect extremely important.


Medical/First Aid

  • A level of medical training is preferred – e.g. doctor, nurse, EMT, formal first-aid training, or similar.

If you are able to help out please contact our Volunteer Coordinator using our Contact Us page!

Include information about what jobs you would be interested in performing as well as the times you are available to volunteer. If you are volunteering as part of a job, education, or race requirement we will be happy to complete any necessary paperwork to verify your time commitment at our event.

If for some reason your ability to volunteer changes, please notify us right away. We rely on all of our volunteers to help us provide a successful event.