Course Description

Minnesota Voyageur 50 Mile – Aid Stations

#Station NameMiles1st RunnerCut-OffCrew AccessDrop Bags
1Jay Cooke3.4 | 3.46:25 AMN/AYesNo
2Peterson's5.4 | 8.87:00 AMN/ANoYes
3Hwy 210
(H2O only)
6.4 | 15.27:55 AMN/ANoNo
4Becks Road3.3 | 18.58:30 AMN/AYesYes
5Zoo - Turnaround7.1 | 25.69:15 AM1:00 PMYesYes
6Becks Road7.1 | 32.710:15 AM3:00 PMYesYes
7Hwy 210
(H2O only)
3.3 | 36.010:40 AMN/ANoNo
8Peterson's6.4 | 42.411:30 AM5:45 PMNoYes
9Jay Cooke5.4 | 47.812:10 PM7:00 PMYesNo
FinishCarlton HS3.4 | 51.212:35 PM8:00 PMN/AN/A
Runners’ crews and spectators are not allowed at Hwy 210 (water) or Peterson’s aid stations! Failure to adhere to this will result in runner disqualification! As a runner participant you are responsible for your crew and spectators understanding this limitation.

Aid Station Items

  • Drinks include water, an electrolyte drink, and various sodas.
  • Food items include PB & J sandwiches, fruit, cookies, potato chips, and many other sweet / salty options.
  • We do not supply electrolyte supplement capsules, such as Endurolytes or S-Caps.
  • We highly recommend you carry water during the race, e.g. bottle or other hydration system.

Drop Bags

  • Note available drop bag locations on the Aid Stations chart.
  • Please keep your drop bags reasonable in size.
  • Drop bags must be labeled with your name, race number and the desired drop / aid station location.
    • Having these labeled prior to arrival at the start is helpful – duct tape and Sharpie marker works well.
    • Unmarked drop bags will not be delivered to aid station locations.
  • Place your marked bags by the appropriate sign at the race start and we will deliver them to that aid station.
  • We will return your drop bags to the finish.

Trail Markings

  • Follow the hot orange pin flags, with the initials “NMTC” on them — if you don’t see one in 300-400 yards you are off course!!
  • Turns are marked with a series of pin flags a short distance (feet) apart on the side to which you’ll be turning.
  • Use care while on the bike path and roads. Yield to traffic when crossing roads!!
  • Watch footing on the bridges, they can be slippery and some may have boards missing.
  • Watch for washouts (both runners and drivers).