Course Description

Minnesota Voyageur 50 Mile – Aid Stations

#Station NameMiles1st Runner *Cut-OffCrew AccessDrop Bags
1Jay Cooke3.4 | 3.46:25 AMN/AYesNo
2Forbay Lake2.4 | 5.86:40 AMN/AYesNo
3Peterson's3.0 | 8.87:00 AMN/ANOYes
4Grand Portage2.0 | 10.87:15 AMN/ANONo
5Seven Bridges2.8 | 13.67:45 AMN/AYesNo
6Fond du Lac2.0 | 15.67:55 AMN/AYesNo
7Becks Road3.3 | 18.98:25 AMN/AYesNo
8Skyline Parkway2.7 | 21.68:50 AMN/AYesYes
9Zoo - Turnaround3.4 | 25.09:15 AM1:00 PMYesNo
8Skyline Parkway3.4 | 28.49:45 AM2:00 PMYesYes
7Becks Road2.7 | 31.110:00 AM2:45 PMYesNo
6Fond du Lac3.3 | 34.410:25 AM3:35 PMYesNo
5Seven Bridges2.0 | 36.410:45 AM4:10 PMYesNo
4Grand Portage2.8 | 39.211:10 AM5:00 PMNONo
3Peterson's2.0 | 41.211:30 AM5:40 PMNOYes
2Forbay Lake3.0 | 44.211:50 AM6:25 PMYesNo
1Jay Cooke2.4 | 46.612:05 PM7:00 PMYesNo
FinishCarlton HS3.4 | 50.012:35 PM8:00 PMN/AN/A
* 1st runner arrival time is purely an estimate. If your runner is lightning quick, please adjust accordingly.

Aid Station Items

  • Drinks include water, an electrolyte drink, and various sodas.
  • Food items include PB & J sandwiches, fruit, cookies, potato chips, and many other sweet / salty options.
  • We do not supply electrolyte supplement capsules, such as Endurolytes or S-Caps.
  • We highly recommend you carry water during the race, e.g. bottle or other hydration system.

Drop Bags

  • Note available drop bag locations on the Aid Stations chart.
  • Please keep your drop bags reasonable in size.
  • Drop bags must be labeled with your name, race number and the desired drop / aid station location.
    • Having these labeled prior to arrival at the start is helpful – duct tape and Sharpie marker works well.
    • Unmarked drop bags will not be delivered to aid station locations.
  • Place your marked bags by the appropriate sign at the race start and we will deliver them to that aid station.
  • We will return your drop bags to the finish.

Trail Markings

  • Follow the hot orange ribbons — if you don’t see one in 200-300 yards you are off course!!
  • Use care while on the bike path and roads.
  • Watch footing on the bridges, they can be slippery and some may have boards missing.
  • Watch for washouts (both runners and drivers).
  • There are “horse holes” in the Magney section between aid stations #7 and #8.
Course Brief for Runners

  • The elevation profile for the 50 miles of the Minnesota Voyageur has a bit over 4000′ of ascent and corresponding descent.
  • Please note, these are not turn-by-turn directions. They simply provide a feel for the course overall. Maps and a GPS file can be found on our Course Maps page.
1Start to Jay Cooke3.4Start at Carlton High School. A little street running down 4th St., then left on the paved Munger State Trail. Right onto Jay Cooke SP Carlton Trail. The trail is narrow, rocky and rooty. Left across the famous Swinging Bridge, then take an immediate left on the other side onto the CCC trail to the AS.
2Jay Cooke to Forbay2.4Follow CCC Trail as it passes behind the ranger station. This is wide, grassy ski trails. The route will cross Hwy 210. Use caution here! Yield to cars!

At the junction with the Thomson Trail turn right, staying on the CCC Trail. Follow straight, out onto a dirt maintenance road past the new spillway and up to the top of the levy. Cross the levy at the gatehouse to Forbay AS.
3Forbay to Peterson's3.0Take the Greeley Trail out of Forbay to the Munger Trail, turning right and heading down to the Triangle Trail. Follow Triangle straight and around to the Gill Creek Trail. Follow Gill as it winds its way over to the Oak Trail. Left on the Oak Trail and around to Peterson's AS, nestled in the woods on the right.
4Peterson's to Grand Portage2.0Keep following the Oak Trail, around to the Grand Portage Trail - a long, steady descent down to Hwy 210, left on 210 to the Grand Portage AS.
5Grand Portage to Seven Bridges2.8Up the trail to the right of the Jay Cooke SP sign and over the two big hills of Purgatory, through some pine forest, then out on to the infamous Power Lines. Very little shelter in this section. It can get HOT! Right off Power Lines onto some rolling, rough-hewn single-track through the woods then right onto the Munger Trail.
6Seven Bridges to Fond du Lac2.0Mostly downhill on the Mission Creek Trail. Follows a quick jog over to the SHT, then back onto Mission Creek Trail and down, winding through a trail reclaimed from a slide area and over to the aid station.
7Fond du Lac to Becks3.3Cross Mission Creek and through a short stretch of flat trail, then climb a small creek valley to the top of the ridge. Emerge back on to rolling single-track for a bit, then right onto a nice downhill, before tackling the long grind up the dirt Mission Creek Road and up to Becks Road.
8Becks to Skyline2.7Take Skyline Drive for about a mile, mostly uphill, then left into the cross country ski trails of Duluth’s Magney-Snively park area. Exit the ski trail back onto Skyline at the aid station.
9Skyline to Zoo
3.4Follow Skyline over to Spirit Mt. Cross Spirit Mountain ski slopes on flat trail, across an old wooden bridge, then a long descent down to the Zoo via a dirt access road and some trail before turning right toward the zoo and under the DWP bridge to the aid station.

Turn around and do it in reverse.

Keep in mind, after the second trip through the Power Lines, the next 2 miles is a gradual climb. A lot of people seem to have problems in this stretch. Depending on the year, temperatures can range from the mid 50’s and raining; to the mid-90’s (and higher) with clear skies. Be aware of the weather and run accordingly!!