2016 Minnesota Voyageur – Finishes By Entrant

The Finishes by Entrant tally lists for the Minnesota Voyageur are now up-to-date.

We’ve had 1439 runners post 3277 finishes over 35 years – 567 have multiple finishes and 181 runners have accumulated 5 finishes or more, led by the incomparable Bob Frawley who notched his 26th finish this year. Enjoy perusing the Finishes By Entrant lists on our Results page.

Congratulations to those that hit milestones in 2016. New members of the:

10 Year Club

  • Ryan Flynn
  • Jim Wilson

5 Year Club

  • Michael Borst
  • Tony Cesario
  • Greg Geiger
  • Shelly Groenke
  • Steve Hagedorn
  • Aaron Hansen
  • Jake Hegge
  • Kate Leis
  • Dan Lindberg
  • Shaun Lynch
  • Wayne Nelson
  • Dusty Olson
  • Misty Swanson
  • Nathan Ziemski

Whether you run 20 times, or make one solid finish your bucket list goal – we enjoy having each and every one of you! Good luck to everyone as they take their journey through the Minnesota Voyageur in years to come.

2015 Minnesota Voyageur – Race Results

Official results from the 2015 Minnesota Voyageur 50 Mile are available at the links below. This year we had 256 starters, with 213 intrepid finishers.

Overall winners:

  • M: Jake Hegge – 06:49:33
  • W: Leslie Semler – 08:56:10

This was the second overall win for each of them.

Other interesting notes…

Bob Frawley logged his 25th Minnesota Voyageur finish, the current (and growing) record!

Despite the heat, we had 5 new entries jump into the list of Top 25 Times (over the event’s history) on the Men’s side:

Jake Hegge – 06:49:33
Nick Nygaard – 07:02:10
Adam Dohm – 07:06:26
Erik Elmstrand – 07:20:25
Michael Borst – 07:22:28

Scott Jurek’s course record (06:41:16) has now stood for 17 years. But the horses appear to be out there…

2015 Minnesota Voyageur – Wrap Up

Hello All,

Leslie Semler - Women's ChampionCongratulations on your performance on Saturday! Whether you got a personal record or whether you made it halfway, I hope you’re happy with your performance in some tough temperatures!

Results are available here:

The sweeps reported that there was very little litter leftover on the trail – thank you for making a special effort to keep track of it. Great work, everyone!

Clif is interested to know what you thought of the energy food we had available. If you have comments (good or bad), send them to us at Contact Us, and we will forward them on to Clif. If you didn’t try any during the race but end up using some later on in your training, you can send us comments later as well.

If you have any other comments about the race, we would love to hear them. Each year our committee sits down and goes through ideas of things to try differently next year. Feel free to let us know if you have feedback (good or bad) about a particular aspect of the race.

The Voyageur is run by the Northern Minnesota Track Club (a committee of 16 people), and each of us would like to thank you for participating in our race. This is a labor of love for us – we enjoy putting the race on, and we enjoy seeing you and cheering for you on race day. Thank you for putting the Voyageur on your race calendar this year. We hope to see you again next year!

If you live in the Duluth/Superior area, you may be interested in our next NMTC event. Our Fall Trail Series starts on September 2nd and consists of 9 weekly races on different trails in the Twin Ports. All races are free, and two of them are run on sections of the Voyageur course (including the Powerlines). More information is available here:

Thanks everyone! See you next year!

Voyageur Race Committee

Pictures are available here:

2014 Minnesota Voyageur – Race Results

Congratulations to all of the participants in the Minnesota Voyageur! We saw lots of smiling faces out along the trail, enjoying the humidity and beautiful mud. Thanks, too, to all of our volunteers. Results have now been posted to the Northland Runner website:


Results also now been posted to the Results area of this site: