2019 Minnesota Voyageur – Race Results

This year we had 239 finishers. Congratulations to our overall winners:

M: Adam Doe – 07:14:39
W: Margaret Ho – 08:23:26

We’d like to thank Duluth Timing & Events for providing our timing services. Complete online results for the 2019 Minnesota Voyageur 50 Mile Ultramarathon can be found here:


And on UltraSignup:


Powerlines Trail Remediation

Hello, trail community! As you may be aware, there have been some recent dramatic looking changes to the Powerlines. NMTC has been working with the City of Duluth regarding the MN Power remediation that is occurring. The City of Duluth and NMTC do have plans to re-evaluate a trail corridor together once the remediation process has been completed but in the meantime, all trail users are asked to refrain from using the former trails through the Powerlines. Please be patient as it could potentially take a few years for the Powerlines to be fully healed and ready to go.

We ask that all trail runners respect this temporary closure while the remediation takes place and that you pass the word along. Continuing to use these closed trails will reflect poorly on the trail running community as a whole and may jeopardize our ability to return to them.

What does this mean in the interim?

The race courses for the Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon and the Minnesota Voyageur Trail Ultra will be altered to accommodate this change.

2018 Minnesota Voyageur – Race Results

This year we had 346 finishers. Congratulations to our overall winners:

The following also reached finish milestones. Congratulations, all!

15 Year Club

  • Herb Byun
  • Jeff Goldstein
  • Allan Holtz

10 Year Club

  • April Anselmo

5 Year Club

  • Kari Gibbons
  • Stephanie Hoff
  • B.J. Knight
  • Mike Koppy
  • Seth Korhonen
  • Bob McGrath
  • Todd Millenacker
  • Nicholas Olson
  • Bob Skenzich
  • Steve Sorenson

We’d like to thank Duluth Timing & Events for providing our timing services. Complete online results for the 2018 Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon can be found here:


2016 Minnesota Voyageur – Race Results

Results from the 2016 Minnesota Voyageur 50 Mile are available at the links below. This year we had 271 intrepid finishers.

Overall winners:

  • M: Michael Borst – 06:47:23
  • W: Stacey Buckley – 09:12:51

Scott Jurek’s course record (06:41:16) has now stood for 18 years. But the dogs are getting closer…

Duluth News Tribune: Borst proves best again at Voyageur

duluth-news-tribune-logoThe Duluth News Tribune did a write-up about the Voyageur Trail Ultramarathon we hope you will enjoy. Many thanks to Jon Nowacki for putting it together.

“Michael Borst crossed the finish line first at the 35th annual Voyageur Trail Ultramarathon and took an immediate left turn, finding a shady spot near the finish-line tent outside Carlton High School. He laid down in the grass with his hands behind his back and said, ‘Frigging Scott!!!'” (Credit: Jon Nowacki, read more at the link below.)

Link: http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/sports/running/4085014-borst-proves-best-again-voyageur

RT Trails: Modern Day Voyageurs

Runners World
Last year around race date, Matt Flaherty from Runners World wrote a nice article about the Minnesota Voyageur 50 Mile as part of a series detailing some of the oldest 50-mile races in the country. It is a nice piece that talks a bit about last year’s race, and also covers some of the Voyageur’s history. Whether you’re new to the race or a grizzled vet, it is a nice read. Thank you, Matt!

Link: http://www.runnersworld.com/rt-trails/modern-day-voyageurs