Powerlines Trail Remediation

Hello, trail community! As you may be aware, there have been some recent dramatic looking changes to the Powerlines. NMTC has been working with the City of Duluth regarding the MN Power remediation that is occurring. The City of Duluth and NMTC do have plans to re-evaluate a trail corridor together once the remediation process has been completed but in the meantime, all trail users are asked to refrain from using the former trails through the Powerlines. Please be patient as it could potentially take a few years for the Powerlines to be fully healed and ready to go.

We ask that all trail runners respect this temporary closure while the remediation takes place and that you pass the word along. Continuing to use these closed trails will reflect poorly on the trail running community as a whole and may jeopardize our ability to return to them.

What does this mean in the interim?

The race courses for the Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon and the Minnesota Voyageur Trail Ultra will need to be altered until we can return to the Powerlines. It will take a little time to bring you the best re-route so please don’t expect a new course description to be posted before the end of the year. We will update you as soon as we know the plan!

Again – the Powerlines are temporarily closed to all trail users until remediation is completed and a new route can be made. Thanks for your help in spreading the word.

2018 Minnesota Voyageur – Race Results

This year we had 346 finishers. Congratulations to our overall winners:

The following also reached finish milestones. Congratulations, all!

15 Year Club

  • Herb Byun
  • Jeff Goldstein
  • Allan Holtz

10 Year Club

  • April Anselmo

5 Year Club

  • Kari Gibbons
  • Stephanie Hoff
  • B.J. Knight
  • Mike Koppy
  • Seth Korhonen
  • Bob McGrath
  • Todd Millenacker
  • Nicholas Olson
  • Bob Skenzich
  • Steve Sorenson

We’d like to thank Duluth Timing & Events for providing our timing services. Complete online results for the 2018 Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon can be found here:


Race Cap and Wait List Information

To protect our fabulous trails from being loved to death, the Eugene Curnow / Minnesota Voyageur race committee has implemented a race cap of 500 runners for each race, starting in 2018.

In the event that a race reaches the cap, we will have a wait list – viewable on UltraSignup. We will continue pulling from the wait list through the usual pre-race cut-off on the Wednesday prior to the race (July 25 for the Minnesota Voyageur and July 11 for the Eugene Curnow Marathon). Please let us know promptly if you have registered, but are certain you will be unable to start.

Contact us if you have any questions. See you in July!

From UltraSignup, regarding the waitlist / charges:

Wait listers are not charged. If the director decides to let people in from the waitlist, each participant will be sent an email asking if they are still interested. If you answer yes, your card on file will be charged and you will be added. If you do not wish to participate, click no and you will not be charged.

2017 Minnesota Voyageur – Race Results

Results from the 2017 Minnesota Voyageur 50 Mile are available at the links below. This year we had 289 amazing finishers.

Overall winners:

  • M: Neal Collick – 06:56:42
  • W: Ashley Nordell – 07:56:36

Ashley’s rockin’ finish represents a new Women’s course record – knocking off the previous mark that held up for 8 years. Scott Jurek’s course record (06:41:16) has now stood for 19 years.

Congratulations to those that hit milestones in 2017. New members of the:

15 Year Club

  • Chris Hanson
  • Brian Landstrom

10 Year Club

  • Greg Allen
  • Tim Potter
  • Daryl Saari
  • Jim Stocco

5 Year Club

  • Murray Arnason
  • Samantha Carlson
  • Jason Husveth
  • Travis McCathie
  • Zach Pierce
  • Chris Robbins
  • Sam Severson
  • Christina Stavig-Just
  • Scott Turi
  • Brian Van Beusekom
  • John Zerbe

Whether you run 20 times, or make one solid finish your bucket list goal – we enjoy having each and every one of you! Good luck to everyone as they take their journey through the Minnesota Voyageur in years to come.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Traffic Notes – Road Construction

ConstructionThere are a few road construction related items that will affect those running and crewing the Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon and Minnesota Voyageur 50 Mile Ultramarathon. Please keep these in mind for race day and plan accordingly!

MN Hwy 23 / Grand Avenue / Commonwealth Ave. (Same road, many names…)
This is the road that provides access to the Fond du Lac Aid Station. The road will be open. However, road construction and lane closures will be in place in Fond du Lac. This requires a slight (unmarked) detour for crew members / spectators wishing to visit this aid station, which is described on our Directions page – see the Course Guide for Spectators and Crew.

MN Hwy 210
This is the road that provides access to the Grand Portage Aid Station, coming up from Fond du Lac. The road will be closed. Similar to last year, spectators and crew are not to go to the Grand Portage AS – no exceptions!

Only aid station volunteers and race committee members may access this Aid Station. Please respect this, as we get special permission to be in this construction area for the race. Abuse of this can result in our losing access in similar cases going forward. Thank you.

2017 Minnesota Voyageur – Race Information Letter

Hello Voyageur Runners,
Welcome to race week! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Carlton this weekend! Here are a few notes to keep in mind for race day.

If you will not be able to attend the race on Saturday, please reply to this email and let us know.

Friday Night
You may pick up your packets (containing your t-shirt and bib number) either on Friday night or race morning. On Friday night you can pick up your packets at the Four Seasons Athletic Complex in Carlton from 4pm to 7pm. The Carlton Daze spaghetti dinner also takes place at the Four Seasons.

Saturday Morning
On Saturday morning you can pick up your packets at Carlton High School starting at 5am (race starts at 6am). If you pick up your packet on Friday night, you do NOT need to check in on Saturday (new policy for this year). If for some reason you check in Friday and don’t plan to run on Saturday, let us know.

If you know someone who is not registered, he/she can register in person on Friday night or Saturday morning. Online registration is open through Wednesday night (closes at 11:59pm).

Early Starters
In the past we have offered early starts to slower folks who are worried about missing the cutoffs. Unfortunately, we are no longer offering early starts. All runners need to start at the same time: 6am.

Aid Stations
There are 9 aid stations along the course, and you will encounter them quite frequently. The longest stretch between aid stations is 3.4 miles, and the shortest stretch is 2 miles. The aid stations will be stocked with water, Powerade, pop, fruit, cookies, PB&J sandwiches, potato chips, and many other food items. There will also be some Clif gels available, but plan on carrying your own if you rely on them heavily. The aid station mileage chart is available here: http://www.voyageur50.com/course-information/course-description/

Water Bottles
We highly recommend you carry a water bottle or some sort of hydration system during the race. Even though the aid stations are close together, it may take you quite a while to get through the tough sections.

We are not supplying the Hammer Endurolyte product at our aid stations this year. Plan to supply your own if you like using a concentrated electrolyte supplement.

Drop Bag Procedure
Two aid stations are drop bag locations. They are Peterson’s, which you will encounter at miles 9 and 41, and Skyline, which you will reach at miles 22 and 28. It is your choice if you would like to use a drop bag. Some people use them if they have a specific food or beverage they would like to have access to on the course. Some people do not use them at all. If you would like to utilize the drop bag service, bring your bags to the starting line on race day. We will have a station where you can mark your bags with your bib number and the drop bag location. If you do use a drop bag, please keep it as small as possible. This is not the time to use the luggage your great aunt Edna gave you. :)

Crew Directions
If you have friends or family who would like to follow you along the course, they may drive to most of the aid stations to see you come through. The driving directions for each aid station are located here: http://www.voyageur50.com/course-information/directions/. Please note that there is no crew access to the Grand Portage aid station. The Seven Bridges aid station is walk-in access only.

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2016 Minnesota Voyageur – Finishes By Entrant

The Finishes by Entrant tally lists for the Minnesota Voyageur are now up-to-date.

We’ve had 1439 runners post 3277 finishes over 35 years – 567 have multiple finishes and 181 runners have accumulated 5 finishes or more, led by the incomparable Bob Frawley who notched his 26th finish this year. Enjoy perusing the Finishes By Entrant lists on our Results page.

Congratulations to those that hit milestones in 2016. New members of the:

10 Year Club

  • Ryan Flynn
  • Jim Wilson

5 Year Club

  • Michael Borst
  • Tony Cesario
  • Greg Geiger
  • Shelly Groenke
  • Steve Hagedorn
  • Aaron Hansen
  • Jake Hegge
  • Kate Leis
  • Dan Lindberg
  • Shaun Lynch
  • Wayne Nelson
  • Dusty Olson
  • Misty Swanson
  • Nathan Ziemski

Whether you run 20 times, or make one solid finish your bucket list goal – we enjoy having each and every one of you! Good luck to everyone as they take their journey through the Minnesota Voyageur in years to come.