2021 Race Status (5/14)

Our permits are in and race dates will be July 10 for Curnow and July 24 for Voyageur, our usual weekends.

As many of you are aware from other local races, the DNR is not even looking at permits this year until 60 days from the event, which we’ve just hit for Curnow. We are not going to open registration until our permits have been approved. While we don’t have a date for that, based on other races we’re guessing that will be around a month from the race. We’ll give you a heads up at least the day before opening and may open each race separately.

Here are some important changes you’ll want to know, applicable to both races:

  • Be prepared to be self sufficient this year – there will be no crew allowed for either race. Drop bags will be allowed at select aid stations. Aid stations themselves will be minimal – potentially with only water and Sqwincher. Depending on permits, there is the possibility of a few options of pre-portioned/wrapped food as well but don’t count on that for now.
  • The race cap for both races this year is 250 each.
  • Both races will start in the wave format similar to what other races have been doing and you will be able to select your wave time at registration.

Again, we will open registration only once we get the green light from all permitting agencies and will give a heads-up on Facebook and on the website at least the day before.